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Hedgehog Hide Outs, Toys, and Entertainment

Hide Outs

  • Hedgehogs sleep in burrows or other dark places in the wild.  We feel it is beneficial for the hedgehog’s well being to have a warm and comfortable place to sleep.
  • Hideouts should have an entrance and an exit (tunnel) or it should be large enough for the hedgie to turn around.  Hedgehogs usually turn around rather than back out of a tight spot.

Ava Carnes

Sleeping bags

  • Fleece sleeping bags are warm and snuggly and most hedgehogs enjoy them.
  • Our sleeping bags have a stiffener in top so the bag remains slightly open which allows the hedgehogs’ easy access inside.

  • It is a good idea to have multiple bags because more than likely the hedgie bag will get dirty and need to be washed.  Dirty bags may become breeding grounds for bacteria.
  • Some hedgehogs might prefer to sleep under or on the sleeping bags instead of inside but as long as the hedgehog is happy the bag is a useful accessory.
  • Remember to always check for loose threads or damaged fabric because a loose thread could easily wrap around a leg and cut off circulation.

Other Burrowing Options

  • Fabric squares will also work for burrowing. Make sure that there are no frayed edges and that the hedgehog cannot get a foot tangled in the material. For example, terrycloth would be a BAD choice.
  • Polar fleece is relatively cheap and can be cut into big squares.
  • Be sure to remove soiled fabric when necessary.


  • Igloos made from hard plastic are another great cage addition.  The cave like structure allows the hedgehog to feel safe and hidden.
  • Plastic igloos are easy to clean and sanitize. 
  • It might be a little tricky getting your hedgehog out of an enclosed igloo so you might want to put the sleeping bag inside the igloo for your hedgehog.  You can pull out the sleeping bag and then take your hedgehog out of the bag. 
  • If your enclosure does not have a roof, watch your placement of the igloo in the cage. Some hedgehogs have been known to use the roof as a launch pad out of the cage.

Sleeping Bags in Igloos

  • Some hedgehogs will drag their sleeping bags into their igloos for an extra cozy sleeping spot.   
  • The sleeping bag inside the igloo will provide burrowing opportunities for your hedgie or it will make a soft, warm bed if your hedgehog chooses to sleep on top of the bag.

Shoes Boxes or Other Cardboard

  • One of the simplest hedgie hideouts is an old shoebox with a door cut in one end.
  • Some hedgehogs love the smell of leather so nothing could be more wonderful for these hedgies than a house that smells like new shoes!
  • A disadvantage to these boxes is that they are not easily cleaned and their flat top makes a good place to poop and the flat box top can give your hedgie just enough of a boost to make an escape.
  • Be prepared to dispose of soiled cardboard.

PVC Pipes

    • Large diameter PVC pipes can be purchased at most hardware stores.
    • You should thoroughly wash each piece and make shore there are no sharp edges on the pipe.
    • They can be easily cleaned and you can connect several pieces to make a lengthy tunnel.
    • The biggest disadvantage of PVC pipes is that it is difficult to get your hedgehog out of the without “dumping” them.  Some hedgehogs may not be too upset about dumping but I know I certainly wouldn’t appreciate being dumped out of my bed! 
  • Some hedgehogs may come out when they hear your voice (usually as conditioned response connected with treats) but most will NOT come when called. 
  • Most PVC pipes are not large enough to allow your hand to slip inside to lift the hedgehog out.

Wood boxes or Huts

  • There are several very cute wooden huts and boxes available for pets.
  • Hedgehogs will not chew on the wood but it is likely they will poop on it at some point.
  • Wood products are not easy to clean and sanitize and should therefore be considered disposable
  • Contaminated wood can harbor bacteria that can make your hedgehog sick.
  • Other accessories include clay flowerpots, one gallon ice cream or paint buckets, and other objects to hide in. 

Critter Exercise Balls

  • Hedgehogs love to explore their environment.  Unfortunately they have a propensity for finding places where they are not supposed to go including under furniture and appliances.
  • A large 12” Critter ball is a relatively safe way for hedgehogs to explore their surroundings.  Most owners prefer the clear balls rather than the colored balls.  It is hard to say what the hedgie prefers!
  • The best way to introduce a hedgehog to the ball is to prop it in its cage so he/she can go into and out of it at will.   Once your hedgehog is comfortable with a stationary ball a rolling ball won’t be quite so scary.
  • One MUST be cautious of stairs and other pets to ensure the hedgehog’s safety.
  • Superpet makes a Hamtrac that will accommodate the large size balls.  This creates an exceptionally safe area to roll.


  • Hedgehogs and are like small children in that they can turn ordinary household items into a favorite toy.
  • One must carefully inspect every cage addition or play item for small detachable parts and sharp edges the same as you would for a young child.
  • Like children, hedgehogs seem to prefer bright colors but your hedgehog may have no color preference at all. 
  • Many hedgehogs like to push, pull, drag, and climb on a variety of different objects.

Toilet paper tubes

  • A toilet paper tubes is one of the cheapest and most popular hedgehog toys. 
  • Occasionally a hedgehog will ram its head so far down the tube that its head will get stuck. 
  • To prevent this problem you can cut the tube length ways before giving it to your hedgie.  Some owners cut the tube in half width ways as well.
  • The cut will prevent breathing problems and it will come off more easily for your hedgehog.
  • We had one hedgehog that loved to chase plastic cat balls around with the tube on its head.  He would corral the ball and work it into its food dish.  After the task was accomplished he would lie down and go to sleep!

Small Plastic Balls

  • Many hedgehogs love to play with ping pong balls, lattice bird or cat balls, or small balls with bells inside. 
  • Make sure the balls are not sturdy and not easily chewed or damaged.
  • Another version of the plastic ball is a ferret treat ball.  As the hedgie pushes around the ball a treat will come out.

Stuffed Animals

  • Some hedgehogs are known to have taken a special liking to stuffed animal friends.
  • We recommend human, cat or dog stuffed animals the same size as your hedgehog or smaller.
  • Your hedgehog may simply ignore the stuffed animal or you may see your hedgehog snuggling with it in its hedgehog hideout.
  • Be sure to wash or replace soiled stuffed animals.

Cars and Trucks

  • Your hedgehog might enjoy pushing a small plastic car or truck around its cage.
  • Make sure the vehicle has no detachable parts or sharp edges that could harm or injure your hedgie.

Leather and Rawhide

  • Hedgehogs often have an affinity for old shoes and other leather.
  • Slip-on-shoes are a great place for hedgies to explore!  Be careful of gifts they might leave behind the next time you go to put on your shoe.
  • Leather or rawhide puppy chew toys may be a fun treat for your pet.