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Millermeade Farms’ Hedgehog Shopping Guide

We’ve selected items from a variety of sources that we believe give you the best quality for the best value.   Many of these items are designed specifically for hedgehogs and cannot be found in the average retail pet store.  A majority of our accessories can be found online but we hope that you will shop with us and save on shipping!  We certainly appreciate your business.

Items can be purchased individually (a la cart) or as a package.

Basic Cage Combination Packages

Home Combo
Tommy 82

Mansion Combo
Tommy 102

Palace Combo
Tommy 120

Cage $55.00 $65.00 $75.00
Spike’s Delite & Select Diet $13.00 $13.00 $13.00
Heavy Ceramic Crock Food Dish $4.00 $4.00 $4.00
Water Bottle $3.00 $3.00 $3.00
Litter Pan $7.00 $7.00 $7.00
Igloo $8.00 $8.00 $8.00
Sleeping Bag $8.00 $8.00 $8.00
Giant Comfort Wheel $16.00 $16.00 $16.00
Subtotal $114.00 $124.00 $134.00
Discount -$9.12 -$9.92 -$10.72
Final Price $104.88 $114.08 $123.28
  Details Details Details

Shopping Tips

*We suggest a couple sleeping bags so that they can be interchanged during washing.
*Nutritious treats such as mealworms and wax worms are a great way to add variety to the diet.
*Elimina is a product designed to help reduce hedgehog odor.
*You can upgrade to a bucket wheel for $10.00